Hi. my name’s Rob McCoy. I’m AN Art Director & Designer Living and Working In Sunny Pittsburgh

Featured Case Studies

Whether it’s a simple logo design or a full corporate identity, a one page website or a full-scale e-commerce experience, a small trifold brochure or a publication with a 50,000+ readership, I want every piece of work I produce to get an obsessive amount of attention. The below case studies illustrate the projects which I have seen through (at least mostly) from concept to deck to execution.

If you’re interested in seeing further samples of my work,
please feel free to send me a message or check out my blog.

proficiencies & expertise

While feel I excel in certain areas over others I fancy myself a generalist above all else. Over the course of my career I have mainly focused on six areas which make up my core skill set. While I continue to hone these skills I am constantly seeking out opportunities to learn new things and expand my horizons. As such I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate with specialists in various areas.

Art Direction

Digital DesigN
(UX / UI)



Print Design